Order Form for Prints & Digital Images

All Images are subject to Copyright and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without my written consent, whether purchased or not.

All images have been down sized for viewing on this web page, so not high quality for copying.


Click on the menu bar and select which event you are interested in, then either hold the curser over picture or click on picture to enlarge and there will be an image number on the top left of the picture. Order using the order form below or you can send me an email.

If you are having trouble you can still email me with all your details. Name of event, Class you were in & number of image, what size photo and how many to: trewey@xtra.co.nz

I will send you an Invoice with all my details on for payment.

I will be giving a Free Digital Low Res 500px image with every Print ordered, of the same image


5″ x 7″ ( 13×18 cm) $14.00

6″x 8″ (15x20cm) $20.00

8″x 12″ (20x30cm) A4 $30.00

+ postage and Packing $5.50

PACKAGE DEALS only for 5×7 photos

2 Prints – $24.08

3 Prints – $36.12

4 Prints – $48.16

5 Prints – $57.40

6 Prints – $68.88

7 Prints – $74.48

8 Prints – $85.12

Digital Images

800px Low Res Suit able for printing a 6″x 4″ Print $8.00

Digital image Packages for 800px Only
Personal use for Facebook and Trademe
1 Image $8.00
2 Images $12.00
3 Images $20.00
4 Images $26.00
5 Images $32.00
6 Images $40.00
7 Images $48.00
8 Images $52.00
Personal use only

Can do other sizes on request.

Due to editing images some cropping may have occurred, so images may print slightly to a different size, but you will be notified if this issue arises.

Fill out the form with all your details e.g. Email address, Postal address.

Events eg Wairoa Show     Class e.g.  class 108   Image Number e.g. WS123

Then add what size in the drop down box.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.40.50 pm






If you are ordering more than 6 Prints add the extra to the comments box below.

Order Form

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